Our OOH Solutions

How do you reach, engage and inform your target audience beyond the options of traditional marketing? The OOH Squad is your trusted source for out-of-home media and marketing that reaches potential customers in a wide variety of mediums. From door hangers and truckside billboard advertising to chalk art and digital OOH media, we’ll work with you to design and execute a coordinated marketing solution that influences consumer behavior throughout their daily journey.

The OOH Squad has increased brand awareness and engagement for numerous clients by strategizing with them to reach and inform consumers throughout their day with consistent exposure. From local businesses and government organizations to regional and national brands, we provide a significant impact with our unique marketing opportunities. We bring marketing messages to where your audience lives, works and plays, from engaging them during their commute and daily stop at the local gas station/convenience store to CTV in health clubs, medical offices and airports, or beverage coasters and table tents at their favorite restaurant and bar. Each campaign is tailored to the business or organization to get the most exposure and effectiveness for your advertising dollars.

How We Do It

Our team of experienced OOH vets have the know-how to implement complex campaigns, whether it is a localized, targeted audience or nationwide brand awareness endeavor. Our team is composed of experts in sales, logistics and design, which allows us to ensure every detail is completed, from printing to installation. What makes us unique and differentiates us from other OOH marketing companies is our dedication to providing complete proof of performance with every campaign. The OOH Squad clients never have to wonder whether their advertising campaign has been implemented – we provide 100% proof of every program . . . truckside, mobile billboard, gas station, point-of-care, indoor billboard and all place-based advertising installations for peace of mind.

Truckside Billboards

Reach audiences on the roadways with wrapped delivery trucks, a hybrid between billboards and transit advertising, bringing the size and impact of billboards combined with the extended mobility of transit media for a larger impact and full market coverage.

Digital Mobile Billboards

Utilize state-of-the-art technology to deliver your message with Digital LED Mobile Billboards. Our LED billboard trucks combine customized routing, enhanced flexibility and digital retargeting technology for your marketing campaign.

Gas Station / C-Store Advertising

Gas Station and Convenience Store advertising utilizes multiple media options to reach audiences during their daily lives, whether they are viewing a pump top and hose talker ad while getting fuel, exposed to a wrapped ice box and one sheet poster or engaged with a counter and cooler cling in the store.

SouthWest Transit Wrapped Buses

Connect with commuters throughout the western, southwest and Minneapolis metro area as well as the Univ of Minnesota campus with SouthWest Transit wrapped buses. This form of transit OOH marketing reaches tens of thousands of individuals multiple times per day, driving home your brand’s message.

Indoor Advertising

Reach out and engage your audience with indoor advertising at a variety of venues where they eat, shop and play. Indoor advertising includes indoor posters, standees, floor decals, mirror & counter clings as well as other media options that bring your message and brand into your audience’s lifestyle.

Bar Media

From coasters and table tents to one sheet posters and mirror clings, your branded message can be delivered to patrons in bars, restaurants and lounges where you have a captive audience through our bar media offerings.

Point-of-Care Advertising

Make a lasting impression on your targeted audience through our public health marketing network of pharmacies, medical offices and dental clinics with point-of-care advertising, reaching consumers where they receive health care and shop.

Streaming CTV

Connect with audiences in bars, restaurants, health clubs, auto service centers, airports, and many other of our 60 thousand+ venues through streaming CTV, which reaches over 60 million viewers with targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Pizza Box Flyers

Bring your branding message home with pizza box flyers. Placing advertising messages on flyers on pizza boxes allows businesses to tap into a captive audience during a moment of anticipation and enjoyment.

Coffee Cup Sleeves

Coffee cup sleeve advertising presents a dynamic and effective way to connect with a broad audience and put your brand and message in their hands. These sleeves offer a valuable marketing space that captures attention during a daily ritual—enjoying their favorite cup of coffee.

Door Hangers

Door hanger advertising offers a direct and highly-targeted approach to reaching potential customers. Placing promotional material directly on doorknobs ensures that the message is seen by individuals in specific households and communities.

Chalk Art

Chalk art advertising is a creative and engaging guerilla marketing tactic to capture attention and leave a lasting impression. Its benefits stem from its visual appeal, flexibility, and ability to resonate with audiences in diverse settings.

Experiential/Brand Ambassadors

Experimental campaigns and brand ambassadors encourage active participation and engagement from the audience through interactive installations, immersive experiences, or participatory events that draw people in.

Let’s Connect

Are you ready to explore how our OOH offerings can increase your brand awareness, enhance your overall marketing mix and social media and deliver your message to the masses? Reach out to our team at The OOH Squad to get started!