Point-of-Care Advertising

Point-of-Care Advertising

Point-of-Care Advertising

Point-of-care advertising in pharmacies and medical/dental clinics offers an invaluable opportunity for brands to engage with a captive audience, deliver point-of-purchase advertising and enhance message frequency, all within a highly targeted and relevant environment. The OOH Squad utilizes a massive national network of independently owned pharmacies, dental clinics and medical offices to deliver branded messages through posters, take-one displays, clings, floor decals, pharmacy bags, standees and more.


  • Captive Audience

    Patients and customers in pharmacies and medical clinics are captive to the advertising displayed in these venues, often waiting for prescriptions or appointments. These individuals are actively seeking health-related information, making them more receptive to relevant advertising messages. Patrons consider these places as reliable sources of healthcare information, therefore advertising in such environments allows brands to align themselves with this credibility, enhancing the perceived trustworthiness of their products or services.

  • Point-of-Purchase Advertising

    Point-of-care advertising strategically positions messages at the point of purchase or interaction. Placing advertisements in close proximity to health-related services or products enhances contextual relevance. This context increases the effectiveness of advertising efforts in these settings.

  • Message Frequency

    Patients often visit their pharmacy, dental office or medical clinic multiple times in a month, ensuring repeated exposure to advertisements. This interaction increases message frequency, reinforcing brand awareness and improving recall. Repetition plays a crucial role in imprinting the brand or message in the minds of consumers and influencing consumer behavior over time.


Point-of-care marketing efforts allow advertisers to deliver point-of-purchase messages and enhance contextual relevance to a captive audience. The OOH Squad has many examples of how point-of-care advertising can be used to build brand awareness in our gallery.

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