Digital Mobile Billboards

Digital Mobile Billboards

Digital Mobile Billboards

Digital mobile billboards revolutionize traditional advertising by integrating technology into mobile marketing strategies. These innovative platforms offer numerous benefits that elevate the advertising game, transforming traditional outdoor advertising by harnessing the power of digital technology. Through customized routing, digital flexibility and retargeting capabilities, these platforms offer our advertisers at The OOH Squad unprecedented opportunities to reach their target audiences with highly relevant and engaging content on our state-of-the-art LED billboard trucks.


  • Customized Routing

    One of the primary advantages of digital mobile billboard trucks is their ability to target specific locations or demographics. Advertisers can customize routes based on highly specific geographical areas, ensuring that their message reaches the intended audience effectively. For instance, during events, festivals or in high-traffic areas, these billboards can be strategically placed for maximum exposure with this form of advanced geotargeted advertising. Advertisers can modify the billboard’s location based on factors like changing demographics, weather conditions or special events, optimizing visibility and impact.

  • Digital Flexibility

    Our LED billboard trucks offer dynamic content capabilities, enabling advertisers to display multiple ads or adapt their message creatively. From videos to animated graphics and real-time updates, the possibilities for engaging content are vast. This flexibility allows advertisers to tailor their message to different audiences or times of the day, maximizing relevance and resonance. Plus, digital mobile billboards provide the flexibility to change the content in real time. Advertisers can modify the billboard’s content to include live drone feed, Go-Pro, 360 Cams and other live streaming media options.

  • Digital Retargeting

    Digital mobile billboard trucks can be equipped to include analytics tools that track audience engagement metrics. These insights allow our advertisers to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns, including impressions, views and even interaction rates. This data helps refine future strategies for optimal results. By collecting data on audience behavior and preferences, advertisers can retarget specific demographics with tailored ads across various platforms. For example, someone who viewed the mobile billboard may later encounter a related ad on social media, reinforcing brand recognition and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Digital mobile billboard advertising in Minneapolis


The OOH Squad has used digital mobile billboards to offer customized routing, digital flexibility and retargeting capabilities for our clients to reach their target audiences with highly relevant and engaging content. View some of our digital mobile billboard campaigns in our gallery.

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