Indoor Advertising

Indoor Advertising

Indoor Advertising

Indoor media advertising is a pivotal component of lifestyle marketing strategies, offering numerous advantages that capitalize on a captive audience, point-of-purchase advertising and the integration of media enhancements like QR codes. Indoor advertising provides a boost to any marketing campaign by bringing the desired message and branding to where the targeted audience lives, works and shops. From restaurants, bars and local retailers to coffee shops, pharmacies and senior or community centers, The OOH Squad can reach your desired audience. We offer innovative indoor media advertising solutions, including posters, take-one displays, clings, floor decals, standees and more.


  • Captive Audience

    Indoor media advertising targets a captive audience within specific locations such as bars, restaurants, health clubs, medical/dental offices, grocery stores, etc. These audiences are often more receptive to advertisements as they spend time waiting, relaxing or engaging in activities within these venues. Capturing their attention in these moments increases the likelihood of message retention and consumer engagement.

  • Point-of-Purchase Advertising

    Indoor media is strategically placed within the areas of point of purchase, offering the chance to influence buying decisions and critical engagement. Plus, placing advertisements in proximity to relevant products or services enhances their contextual relevance.

  • Media Enhancement with QR Codes

    Incorporating QR codes within indoor media advertisements enables and increases interactive engagement. Viewers can scan these codes with their smartphones, instantly accessing additional information, promotional offers or exclusive content. This interactive element enriches the customer experience and encourages immediate action. QR codes also provide valuable data on consumer engagement, allowing advertisers to track metrics like scan rates, user demographics, and behavior. This data-driven approach enables marketers to refine strategies, tailor content and understand consumer preferences more effectively.


By strategically placing advertisements in spaces where individuals spend their time, The OOH Squad helps our clients capture attention, foster brand recognition and drive consumer interaction at critical moments throughout their day. Check out some of our past indoor advertising campaigns in our gallery.

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