Truckside Billboards

Truckside Billboards

Truckside Billboards

Truckside billboards, a mobile form of out-of-home or outdoor advertising, provide extensive exposure due to their dynamic and impactful nature. These billboards, affixed to localized delivery trucks that traverse various arteries and thoroughfares, provide a hybrid between billboard and transit advertising, offering a plethora of benefits that make them an enticing option for brands seeking high visibility and engagement in urban and suburban areas.


  • Full Market Coverage

    One of the most prominent advantages of truckside billboards is their ability to provide full market coverage. These mobile billboard displays reach audiences across diverse geographic areas, including urban centers, suburban neighborhoods and high-traffic highways. Unlike static billboards which are limited to specific locations, truckside ads can navigate through multiple areas, ensuring exposure to a wide and diverse audience. This mobility allows brands to target different demographics and maximize their visibility in areas where traditional advertising might be limited.

  • Impactful Impressions

    Truckside billboards offer a captivating and impactful way to grab consumers’ attention. Their size, vivid graphics, and strategic placement on moving vehicles make them difficult to ignore. These eye-catching displays effectively break through the clutter of everyday advertising, commanding attention from pedestrians, commuters, and drivers alike. The dynamic nature of these billboards, constantly in motion and visible from multiple angles, enhances their memorability and leaves a lasting impression on viewers. As a result, brands can convey their message with greater impact, leading to increased brand recall and awareness among the audience.

  • High Daily Impressions with Low CPM

    Another significant benefit of truckside billboards is their ability to generate high daily impressions at a relatively low cost per thousand (CPM). These moving displays have the potential to garner tens of thousands of impressions daily, reaching a vast number of individuals throughout their routes. The cost-effectiveness of truckside or mobile truck advertising stems from its ability to achieve a low CPM compared to other traditional forms of advertising. With a relatively lower investment compared to traditional billboards or TV ads, brands can achieve increased reach and frequency, optimizing their advertising budget for maximum impact.


The OOH Squad has been helping our clients create a memorable presence in the minds of consumers, driving increased brand recognition and engagement through truckside billboard campaigns. See our example of work in our truckside billboard gallery.

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