Streaming CTV

Streaming CTV

Streaming CTV

Streaming CTV (Connected TV) advertising in venues like bars, restaurants, gyms, healthclubs, airports, auto shops, hotels and others, especially through audio-optional Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels, presents a multitude of benefits for advertisers. The OOH Squad offers a reach of over 60 million unique viewers in our network of 60,000+ venues. Streaming CTV offers a unique opportunity for advertisers seeking precise targeting in venues with extended dwell time through content channels such as PGA Tour, RedBull TV, Chive TV, Happy TV, Weather Spy, Throttle TV, and more.


  • Precise Targeting

    Streaming CTV platforms offer sophisticated targeting capabilities, allowing advertisers to segment audiences based on demographics, interests, behaviors and even location. This precision targeting ensures that ads are delivered to the most relevant audience segments, optimizing the impact of the message. Advertisements displayed in specific venues such as bars, restaurants, golf courses, salons, casinos and medical offices can be tailored to align with the environment and audience interests.

  • Extended Dwell Time

    Many of our venues often have extended dwell times, where individuals spend considerable periods waiting or engaging in activities. This provides an ideal opportunity for advertisers to capture their attention during these moments of downtime, increasing the chances of message retention and engagement. Unlike traditional TV ads, where viewers might switch channels during commercial breaks, in these venues, the content is often streamed continuously without interruptions.

  • Digital Retargeting

    Streaming CTV platforms offer robust tracking mechanisms, allowing advertisers to gather data on user behavior, preferences and interaction with ads. This data enables effective retargeting strategies, where users who have viewed specific ads in these venues can be retargeted with follow-up ads on other digital platforms, reinforcing brand recall and encouraging conversion.


Streaming CTV advertising is a powerful tool for engaging with audiences in a relevant context and captive environment. Check out some of our Streaming CTV campaigns in our gallery.

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