Gas Station / C-Store Advertising

Gas Station / C-Store Advertising

Gas Station / C-Store Advertising

Advertising at gas stations and convenience stores provides a unique opportunity to target a captive audience during their routine stops. Leveraging the dwell time, strategic placement of ads at the point of purchase, and maximizing messaging frequency are key advantages for advertisers looking to make a significant impact. The OOH Squad offers multiple options to reach targeted areas and diverse communities utilizing various media offerings at gas stations and c-stores, including pump top ads, hose talkers, ice box wraps, cooler/counter clings, one sheet posters, and standees.


  • Captive Audience

    Gas stations and convenience stores witness a steady flow of customers throughout the day. People stop by for fuel, snacks or other essentials, creating a captive audience that spends a few minutes in the vicinity of where they live, work and play. Customers often spend a brief period at the pump or inside the store. This ‘dwell time’ offers a window of opportunity for targeted advertising. Whether it is at the fuel dispenser, while waiting in line to pay or inside the store, advertisements can effectively engage customers during these moments.

  • Point-of-Purchase Messages

    Advertising in gas stations and convenience stores allows brands to influence consumers at the point of purchase. Messages strategically placed near relevant products or services can prompt impulse buys or sway decision-making. For instance, displaying an advertisement for a refreshing drink with a cling on a beverage cooler can entice customers to add it to their purchase. Plus, placing ads near complementary items or services creates synergy between products. For example, promoting car accessories near the automotive section or advertising snacks near the checkout counter fosters a cohesive shopping experience and increases the likelihood of cross-selling.

  • Messaging Frequency

    Customers frequent gas stations and C-stores regularly, leading to repeated exposure to advertisements, often 3-5 times per week. The frequency of visits by the same consumers amplifies the impact of the messaging. Repetition plays a pivotal role in reinforcing brand awareness, message retention and engagement. Regularly seeing the same advertisement contributes to brand recall, ensuring that the brand stays top-of-mind when customers consider similar products or services.


Gas stations and convenience stores serve as prime locations for advertising, offering a multitude of benefits that leverage the captive audience and are a key component of many of our outdoor marketing campaigns at The OOH Squad. See examples of our gas station and C-store advertising in our gallery.

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