SouthWest Transit Wrapped Buses

SouthWest Transit Wrapped Buses

SouthWest Transit Wrapped Buses

Our partnership with SouthWest Transit Authority provides advertisers with a strategic and impactful marketing avenue to connect with commuters with a high-impact, creatively appealing OOH message. The comprehensive coverage in the Southwest Minneapolis metro area, coupled with impactful impressions at a low CPM, positions these wrapped buses as one of our more effective and cost-efficient advertising solutions in The OOH Squad portfolio. Embracing this advertising medium allows businesses to amplify their brand visibility, engage with local communities, and drive their marketing objectives within this thriving region that has limited OOH opportunities.


  • Desirable SW Metro Coverage

    SW Transit operates within the Southwest and Western metro region of the Twin Cities, encompassing areas like Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Chaska and other key suburbs, as well as throughout the downtown Minneapolis area and Univ of MN campus. Advertising on these buses allows advertisers to specifically target this affluent and desirable market area, reaching commuters, residents and visitors in these thriving communities where traditional billboards are limited or restricted. For businesses aiming to build a local presence or reinforce their brand in the SW Twin Cities metro area, bus wrapping advertising provides an excellent opportunity as these buses traverse the region, serving as mobile billboards.

  • Impactful Impressions

    Bus wraps offer a large canvas for creative and attention-grabbing designs to reach high-capacity views on targeted commuter routes. Unlike traditional static billboards, bus wraps benefit from longer exposure times and expanded audiences. Pedestrians, motorists and other commuters often spend extended periods in close proximity to buses, allowing for more prolonged exposure to the advertisement. This extended viewing time enhances the chances of message retention and brand recall, making SW transit bus advertising an excellent addition to your local advertising mix.

  • High Daily Impressions with Low CPM

    SW Transit buses operate throughout the day, traversing various routes and making multiple stops, resulting in increased reach and frequency of views.
    Bus wrapping advertising offers a high number of impressions at a relatively low cost per thousand (CPM) compared to other forms of advertising. Considering the extensive coverage and the number of daily impressions these buses generate, these impactful OOH displays can achieve and exceed the desired outcome of traditional billboards and comparable transit options.


SW Transit Advertising in the Twin Cities presents an impactful and cost-effective way to reach a wide, desired audience. Visit our gallery to see inspiring examples of our SW Transit Advertising campaigns.

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