Pizza Box Flyers

Pizza Box Flyers

Pizza Box Flyers

Pizza box flyer advertising offers a unique and effective way to put your message in the hands of your target audience. Placing flyers on pizza boxes allows businesses to tap into a captive audience during a moment of anticipation and enjoyment. The OOH Squad offers pizza box advertising as an innovative and cost-effective marketing strategy that leverages the high visibility of pizza boxes, reaching a targeted audience and offering remarkable cost efficiency. This method utilizes the prime real estate of pizza boxes to deliver advertisements directly into the homes of customers, presenting several distinct advantages.


  • High Visibility

    Pizza boxes inherently draw attention as they arrive at customers’ doorsteps. These boxes are eagerly anticipated, leading to heightened attention and engagement with the contents, which includes the attached flyer ads. This ensures high visibility for the advertised content and repeat exposure because the pizza box flyer can be removed for additional exposure and use at another time, or kept on the box if there’s left-over pizza and put in the fridge. This prolonged visibility increases the likelihood of the message being seen repeatedly, reinforcing brand recognition.

  • Targeted Audience

    Pizza box flyer advertising allows for precise targeting of a specific audience – pizza lovers. This method ensures that the advertisement reaches individuals who are already patrons of the pizza establishment, making it relevant and likely to resonate with the audience’s interests. Pizza businesses serve local communities, enabling advertisers to reach a geographically targeted audience. For businesses operating in specific regions or neighborhoods, this localized targeting ensures that the message is delivered to potential customers within their service area.

  • Cost-Effectiveness and ROI

    Pizza box advertising is relatively inexpensive compared to many other advertising channels. Unlike direct mail or other delivered advertising methods, there are no delivery costs for pizza box flyer advertising, and businesses can achieve a high return on investment. The potential reach and visibility offered by this method make it an efficient way to communicate promotional offers, discounts or new product launches to a targeted audience without incurring substantial expenses.


Pizza box flyer advertising is a strategic and cost-effective marketing tool that capitalizes on the high visibility of pizza boxes, ensuring exposure to a targeted audience. Check out examples of The OOH Squad pizza box advertising in our gallery.

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