Coffee Cup Sleeves

Coffee Cup Sleeves

Coffee Cup Sleeves

Coffee cup sleeve advertising presents a dynamic and effective way to connect with a broad audience and literally put your brand in their hands. These sleeves offer a valuable marketing space that captures attention during a daily ritual—enjoying coffee. The sleeves act as a mobile billboard, allowing brands to reach customers in bustling cafes, offices, or on the go. With eye-catching designs, QR codes or compelling messages, companies can imprint their brand directly into the hands of consumers. At The OOH Squad, we utilize this effective lifestyle advertising media to enhance brand awareness and complement other marketing efforts.


  • Targeted Audience Reach

    Coffee sleeves provide a place-based advertising opportunity to geo-target a specific audience—coffee and hot beverage drinkers. Advertisers can reach individuals who frequent coffee shops, ensuring their message resonates with a demographic in specified geographical areas such as zip codes, counties, radius, etc.

  • Message Mobility & Exclusivity

    Coffee sleeves accompany customers as they leave the coffee shop, extending the reach beyond the store’s premises. Whether they are commuting, working, or running errands, consumers take their coffee with them, exposing the advertisement to a broader audience in various locations. When consumers hold branded sleeves, the logo or message is prominently displayed, potentially attracting attention from passersby or others in public spaces, thereby amplifying brand exposure. And only one advertiser is placed at the coffee venues at a given time, therefore providing message exclusivity.

  • Media Enhancement with QR Codes

    Incorporating QR codes onto coffee sleeves enhances the consumer experience. Customers can easily scan these codes using their smartphones, unlocking additional content, special offers or engaging experiences related to the advertised product or service. QR codes enable trackable metrics, providing insights into consumer behavior and engagement levels. Advertisers can gather data on scan rates, click-through rates and user demographics, allowing for informed decision-making and campaign optimization.


Coffee sleeve advertising creates a memorable interaction and cost-effective means of marketing, providing businesses with a targeted way to enhance their brand and engage with their audience. Check out examples of The OOH Squad past campaigns utilizing coffee cup sleeve marketing in our gallery.

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