Door Hangers

Door Hangers

Door Hangers

Door hanger advertising offers a direct and a hyper-local approach to reaching potential customers. Placing promotional material directly on doorknobs ensures that your message literally gets in the homes and hands of your audience. One of the primary benefits is its ability to stand out—being physically placed on a doorknob guarantees visibility as residents return home. The OOH Squad offers customized options in door hanger marketing, including couponing, samples, QR codes and other features for further utilization and/or online engagement.


  • Localized and Targeted Reach

    Door hanger advertising presents unparalleled localized and targeted reach, allowing businesses to precisely target specific neighborhoods or communities with their marketing messages. By physically placing advertisements directly on the doorknobs of homes within a chosen area, this method ensures that the message reaches households in a concentrated geographic radius. This hyper-local approach enables businesses to tailor their promotions, offers or announcements to resonate with the unique characteristics and needs of the targeted community.

  • Direct and Unhindered Advertising

    Digital, TV, radio and other advertising methods have one common flaw – customers can choose not to view the marketing content. Spam filters, ad blockers and the ability to turn off devices or change channels can hinder connections to the targeted audience. Door hangers are low-tech but attention-grabbing and effective as they reach their intended audience directly and deliver the desired message to their doorstep.

  • Immediate Engagement

    Door hanger advertising encourages immediate engagement as recipients interact with the door hanger upon arrival. It provides ample space for creative and compelling content, showcasing offers, promotions, or services in a concise and impactful manner – adding QR codes can promote media engagement. Door hanger advertising effectively bridges the gap between businesses and local communities, creating a direct line of communication that can yield higher response rates and conversions within a targeted geographic area.


Bring your message directly to the doors of your targeted audience with door hanger advertising. The OOH Squad has created engaging door hanger campaigns across the country – see examples in our gallery.

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