Bar Media

Bar Media

Bar Media

Bar media advertising presents a unique opportunity for brands to engage with patrons in an environment where they are relaxed and receptive. This form of advertising offers distinct advantages, leveraging a captive audience, delivering point-of-purchase messaging and integrating media enhancements like QR codes for interactive engagement. The OOH Squad provides bar media campaigns that can be implemented in nightclubs, bars, restaurants and other gathering spots utilizing beverage coasters, table tents, beverage napkins, branded glassware and other media options.


  • Captive Audience

    Patrons in bars and restaurants are often in a more relaxed state, making them receptive to advertisements. They are likely to spend a considerable amount of time at the establishment, providing an opportune moment for brands to capture their attention and provide frequency to their message. This captive audience is more inclined to engage with messaging while socializing or waiting for service. This extended exposure increases the likelihood of message retention and brand recall.

  • Point-of-Purchase Messaging

    Bar media advertising strategically places messages near the point of purchase – the bar counter or dining areas. This proximity allows brands to influence patrons’ buying decisions by showcasing promotions, new products or limited-time offers.

  • Media Enhancement with QR Codes

    Incorporating QR codes into bar media advertisements encourages and increases interactive engagement. Patrons can scan these codes using their smartphones to access additional content, exclusive deals, or interactive experiences. This interactive element elevates the customer experience, encouraging immediate interaction with the brand. Companies can track scan rates, demographics and user behavior, gaining insights into what resonates with their audience. This data-driven approach empowers marketers to refine strategies and tailor content based on consumer preferences.


Bar media advertising offers a captivating and influential platform for brands to engage with a captive audience in a relaxed environment. The OOH Squad has created effective bar media marketing campaigns for many of our clients, some of which are featured in our gallery.

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